Academy Award nominations were announced earlier this week. As usual, I haven’t seen many of the movies because with two kids I’m often too busy to go see anything other than Ratatouille or The Water Horse. Not that I didn’t enjoy Enchanted but that type of movie usually isn’t up for Best Picture. My son doesn’t yet understand why Star Wars didn’t win Best Picture and why National Treasure 2 wasn’t nominated. But I digress. I will say that Ratatouille is up for best animated picture and for screenplay. Gotta love those writers!

Most of the pictures nominated this year are … how should I put it … bloody. I do want to see Atonement, although I’ve heard it’s a bit like The English Patient which was … how should I say this kindly … not my favorite … snooze. Anyway, I will probably get around to seeing it one day, if not at the cinema then on dvd. If the time had worked out I might have gone to see it yesterday while my kids were in school. But all of the showings were set later in the day. I don’t think that would be a good excuse for being an hour late picking up my kids. “Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. Principal, I was munching on popcorn and watching Atonement at the Cineplex.”

Thankfully, the cinema had scheduled Juno early enough in the day that I could work, then reward myself with a trip to the movies, then race from there to my kids’ school. More cinemas should offer earlier showings for moms with kids in school. Anyway, I digress. Again.

So I saw Juno which has gotten some fabulous reviews and has done fairly well for a little film. I must say I really enjoyed it. I cried. (and I won’t tell you when, so I don’t give away the plot) I laughed. It’s a quirky little film about quirky characters. Right up my alley. It also has a good message. Can’t beat that! It’s not wrapped up in a nice little neat package as we’re often required in the CBA, but the film was better for it. If you have an afternoon, then I highly recommend you go see this film.

5 thoughts on “Juno

  1. sarah

    I am would like to see Atonement also. Time, time!

    I am interested in your bio that said you began to win contests when you were just getting into writing. Since I am just starting to write, what type of contests did you enter? Thanks so much!!

  2. Leanna

    It’s hard to find time, isn’t it, Sarah? It’s one reason I love Blockbuster.com. I can see so much more than I could ever see at the theater. Although I’ve had 3 movies sitting on my counter for 2 weeks and haven’t had TIME to view them. 🙂

    On writers contests, I went to many writers conferences. Most have contests for unpublished authors. I also joined Romance Writers of American, since I was writing romance at the time, and entered many chapter contests and the big national contest for unpubs which was Golden Heart. Hope that helps! Best wishes for your writing.

  3. Susan

    Leanna: I really want to see this movie!! It’s had wonderful reviews from my teenagers as well as friends.

    I just reviewed your book on my blog today. It is absolutely one that I’m glad I picked up for my New Year’s reading.


    🙂 Susan


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