A Blizzard?

In Texas? Think again. So when my daughter came into the house the other day, her cheeks ice-cold from the chilly weather we’ve been having, and said, “Mommy, it’s blizzard conditions out there,” I glanced out the kitchen window. Sure enough, blue skies. A beautifully clear day. On the chilly side, but it is January. In Texas. Did I mention where we live?

I asked her if she knew what a blizzard is. She blamed it immediately on my son, her 9 year old brother, who had told her it ‘sounded’ like a blizzard. Obviously, my children are ignorant in this area. My children desperately need to get to Colorado and see some real snow. They thought hearing some ice (which had formed when the sprinklers went off in the night) cracking was blizzard conditions. Sigh. My children are so deprived.

But then they cheerfully brought in a dead lizard for me to look at. Lovely.

2 thoughts on “A Blizzard?

  1. Leanna

    Well, you can certainly get the snow in Amarillo! My father’s family is from that area. But it doesn’t quite have the view as Colorado or Wyoming or Switzerland. LOL!


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