Where’ve I been?

My daughter had strep throat over the weekend. So in the midst of our busy weekend plans, I had to drop everything and get her to the doctor. We survived the stick-a-stick-down-throat test without any screaming, resisting, crawling under the table or chairs this time. Yea! Maybe my daughter is growing up.

My sister was at my house all weekend filming a documentary. So that kept us both busy and the house as quiet as we could get it despite all the clicking of dog nails on the floors, kids doing what kids do and fixing meals in between it all. It was a lot of fun looking at footage of our trip a year and a half ago to Hawaii. My sister went with us. We really enjoy traveling with her.
She took the kids Friday night to a movie (maybe I’ll blog about that tomorrow) so my hubby and I could have a date. Yea! It was very nice indeed.

Starting this week, I’m pooped. I think I have a touch of some little virus. Ugh. Want to just stay in bed, but of course can’t. So am off to get the day started, fixing breakfast, preparing lunch boxes, driving the kids to school, then hopefully getting some writing done.

Stay well, stay warm.

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