Thanksgiving tree

Every year since my kids could talk, we have traced our hands and cut them out of construction paper. On each handprint, we wrote what they were thankful for. Then we put the hands on a wall and made a ‘tree’ with the handprints as leaves. My son has written things like: cheese, Liberty (our dog), Green Bay Packers. My daughter has written things like: chocolate, dance, Miracle (our cat). I keep the old handprints in our photo albums. It’s fun pulling them out, seeing how small their little hands were and reading what they wrote. In 2001, there was a lot of ‘our country’ and ‘President Bush.’ It’s 2007, so what are we writing this year? My son is grateful for: “my family, my dog, my sister’s cat.” My daughter is grateful for: “my family, God, this time of the year to get together and give thanks go God, Miracle, Mommy’s books.” So what am I grateful for? My husband, my kids, our health and safety, my husband’s job, the kids’ school, the opportunity to write … so many things, too many to name. What are you thankful for?

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