Update on a miracle

A couple of weeks ago, I shared how we had a small flood in our laundry room. Our freezer door was left open and defrosted all over the floor. Then we suspected the washer was leaking. I moved everything out of our big freezer to our little freezer. All while I was trying to finish a book and get out of town. Of course! Well, turned out the freezer didn’t die! A miracle! Thank you, God!!! And the washer wasn’t leaking! Hurray!

Now I have to confess…I am addicted to Hangman! I played way too much yesterday and finally reached a score of 20! Of course, since it’s on MY website, I just had to check all the words, right! Really! That’s my excuse anyway. So, what was your score? What?!?! You haven’t played it yet? Okay, click on ‘books’ and then you’ll see the link to the Hangman game. Have fun, but here’s a warning: it is addictive!

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