Harry Potter Night

What hype! Isn’t it amazing how excited so many folks are over a book! I love it!!!
This summer, my kids were finally old enough to begin the Harry Potter series. They’ve read the first three and LOVED them. But we’re stopping there for now as they are getting too dark for my kids. We’ll pick up again when they’re a bit older. My husband and I are hooked though. J.K. Rowling is an amazing storyteller. The phenomenon over Harry Potter is a dream come true for any author. Although, I can’t imagine the pressure she is under with each book.

I read in the paper yesterday that she said, “Lightning doesn’t strike twice.” She knows whatever she writes next will not be as popular as Harry Potter. But I believe she will continue to write. And I bet she comes up with something interesting. It might not have as much impact on the culture as Harry Potter has though.

Last night, we took our kids to dinner then over to our local Barnes and Noble. It was about 9 o’clock. We had to stand in line to get into the store because there were already too many people inside and the fire marshall had said no more. So we waited a few minutes, for a few folks to leave, then we were in the door. The escalator had broken, so we had to wait in another line to get to the elevator. The kids section is upstairs. So we wormed our way into it and picked up the 4th book in the series. It was funny to see so many people hanging out in Barnes and Noble in their Hogwarts uniforms and capes. We saw boys sporting a lightning scar on their foreheads. The store had a few activities for the kids like face painting and guessing many Bertie Bott’s in a jar. Have you had Bertie Botts? If you want some rolicking fun then get some. I sat around with my nieces and kids and laughed so hard as they tried mud, worms, boogers, pickles and rotten egg. Anyway, back to the book phenomenon, it was just amazing to see so many people excited about one book. Love it!

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  1. Anonymous

    Love HP! Missed the big parties but am loving reading about them. Gotta get the book and get started.



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