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That title makes me laugh! Makes it sound like I’m after the first reviewer who reviewed Elvis Takes a Back Seat. Such is NOT the case. I received my first review yesterday and will add it at the bottom of this post. But first, I want to tell you about a game I now have on my website! Hangman! Click on ‘Books’ page and at the bottom you’ll see the link for the Hangman game. It’s a lot of fun! I won’t tell you how long it took for me to get 10 points. So have fun! Let me know the highest score you get!

Okay, now for my first review. Reviews are petrifying to a writer. I know some writers get paralyzed by a review, either good or bad or mediocre. It’s just one person’s opinion. But this one sure made me smile.

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I opened
this book. Would it be a tribute to a man who’s been dead for three
decades? Would it be irreverent, poke fun at the legend? Or was it going
to be one of those memory-lane books? Fortunately, it was none of those.
Nothing could have prepared me for this book.

ELVIS TAKES A BACK SEAT by Leanna Ellis is heartwarming, funny and
delightful. Clever and with a host of intriguing characters, this story
makes a journey into the past while dealing with the present and giving a
glimpse into a brighter future. I was floored by the way this book made me
feel. I laughed and cried, and through it all I was overwhelmed by the way
this author seamlessly pulled one situation into the next. The plot seems,
at first glance, to be a simple one but it’s not. There are many layers
and nuances to this story, and each one is interesting.

Claudia’s recently deceased husband, a huge Elvis fan, leaves her with one
cryptic message. She’s charged with fulfilling his final wish to restore a
large bust of the King to its rightful place. But where did it come from?
That’s what Claudia must learn so she heads to Graceland with her aunt Rae
and Ivy, a troubled teen. Their journey is one filled with love and
laughter, and highlights the bonds between women.

ELVIS TAKES A BACK SEAT is first-class entertainment.”


Kay James
Romance Reader at Heart

The review won’t be posted on their site until closer to January.

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