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Have you seen the movie? If not, run to the closest theater, grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy this family friendly film! We took the kids to see it Friday night and it was sensational. When was the last time an audience applauded at the end of a movie?

Before we went to see the movie, several friends and family had recommended it to us. But I had also read a review of the film. Now the review I read is a very conservative reviewer, Christian, and the critique is often a bit over the top. But that way, I know exactly what I’m taking my kids to see. This reviewer only had one bad thing to say about the movie: that the mom (Diane Lane) abandoned her family for this dream of racing this great horse.

Now, I am not applauding anyone who abandons their family, but Diane Lane doesn’t do that. She is trying to save her father’s farm, and the best way to do so is with this wonderful horse. She’s creative in her approach and breaks through a glass ceiling for women. But what I kept thinking throughout the movie was why didn’t that reviewer criticize the husband for not supporting his wife. All he did was complain and make it more difficult when she had to be away. Not until Secretariat won is 2nd BIG race, leading up to the Triple Crown win, did the husband jump on board the support train.

I’m sure my perspective is skewed because of my own pursuits of writing. Thankfully, I have an incredible husband who has always supported and encouraged me in my writing, whether it’s taking a class or buying a computer or going off to a writer’s conference. These men who are encouraging of their wives should be applauded! Three cheers for those wonderful husbands!!! Because they are out there! I bet there are a lot more out there like my husband than the do-do in the movie Secretariat. Because even he finally admits that his wife taught their kids a valuable lesson that wouldn’t have been learned otherwise. Maybe that reviewer needs to learn that lesson too!