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Tiffany Amber Stockton and Roxie!

This week, I’d like to welcome author, Tiffany Amber Stockton (writing as Amber Stockton) and Roxie to my blog. So let’s get started!

LE: Hi, Tiffany! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and answering a few questions for us. What is your favorite kind of a pet? Why?

TAS: A dog, primarily because they are so loyal, interactive, companionable and somewhat easy to train. I love their dispositions.

LE: How many pets do you have today?

TAS: As of last week, 2. We’ve had a dog since a few months after my husband and I got married, but a little over a week ago, we added a Beta fish to our family. ☺

LE: Ah, we had a Beta fish named Bob for a while. Have you ever rescued an animal?

TAS: Yes, the dog we have was rescued from the Humane Society. My husband picked her, and he made a fantastic choice! Every dog I ever had was rescued. Each and every one was a true delight and holds a special place in my heart.

LE: Do you ever incorporate animals into your novels?

TAS: When I can. Usually, they provide comic relief or become emotional support for one of my characters. But they are always portrayed in a positive light.

LE: What was your favorite character animal?

TAS: That’s easy. The horse, Braedon, that belonged to the heroine in my first novel. Not only was he an excellent work horse, but he knew my heroine inside and out, and he provided her with a listening ear when she needed it, as well as comfort and encouragement at just the right time. He truly had a personality all his own.

LE: Has one of your own pets been the inspiration for a pet/character in a novel?

TAS: Not yet, but I have some ideas and look forward to when I can utilize her.

LE: What is the funniest thing you’ve seen one of your animals do?

TAS: I’m guessing you mean one of my pets, as opposed to an animal in one of my books, so that would be eating the remains of an ice cream carton while the carton is stuck on her nose. ☺

LE: LOL! I assume that was your dog, not the Beta fish. ☺ Is there a secret that only our pet knows?

TAS: No, but only because I don’t keep any secrets from my husband.

LE: What is your pet’s pet peeve about you?

TAS: Probably that I don’t allow her to become a lap dog, like she’d prefer. But she’s a border collie and far too big for that.

LE: My lab is a lap dog, as is my labradoodle. It’s funny how they want to be close to us. What is your pet peeve about your pet?

TAS: Her need to be involved in everything so much. I do love pets, but there comes a time when they need to not be in your face.

LE: Thank you, Tiffany, for taking the time to be with us! Now, I’d love to ask your pet a few questions. Don’t forget to give your sweet pet a treat afterwards. ☺

LE: What would be the title of your autobiography?

R: Waggin’ It.

LE: If you were to write a novel, would your friend inspire one of the characters?

R: Definitely! She sometimes gets down on the floor on all 4’s and romps around with this little version of her. She also goes nose to nose with me and our favorite game is soccer when she’s cooking in the kitchen. I nose my ball to her and she kicks it toward me, then I block it.

LE: I bet that’s fun! What’s your favorite movie?

R: Any western that has cattle and horses, because I love to herd.

LE: Oh, of course! I bet you love John Wayne. What musical instrument would you like to play?

R: Drums, because my tail bangs a lot of things, and I’d love to be able to see what I’m striking all the time.

LE: LOL! I bet you have good waggin’ rhythm. My lab does too! What do you think about cats? Dogs?

R: Cats are a lot of fun to chase, especially when I can scare them up a tree or under a car.

LE: Where do you sleep at night?

R: In my own special chair, unless the weather is nice enough, and then I sleep on the deck on a comfy pillow bed.

LE: That sounds nice. What do you do when your friend is writing?

R: I either lie at her feet by her chair, or I sit and rest my head on her arm or lap. Until I hear another dog or people outside, and then I have to go investigate.

LE: What is your idea of bliss?

R: An open field full of other dogs to play with, or squirrels to chase. If there are horses and cattle, though, that’s great too!

LE: What is Tiffany’s idea of bliss?

R: She loves to sit outside and stare at these jagged things off in the distance. At certain times of year, they have white caps on them. I’m not sure what the appeal is, unless we actually drive to them and I can run up and down the hiking paths.

LE: Thank you so much, Roxie, for being with us today! You take care of your friend now, ya hear?

R: Oh, I will. She takes great care of me, so I want to do the same.

LE: And y’all don’t forget to pick up Tiffany’s latest book, Liberty’s Promise, (author name: Amber Stockton) so she can buy lots of treats for sweet Roxie…and that Beta fish.