God Encounters

At the Mt. Hermon conference, it was wonderful getting to know folks and sometimes I could really sense that God introduced us. My first day, I was a bit disoriented, having never been to this particular conference, not to mention getting motion sickness on the shuttle ride from the airport to the conference center, and I was sitting on a bench. A woman walked up to me and asked if I was wanting to be alone. I invited her to sit down and we chatted. What a wonderful conversation. This woman was a mighty tower of strength and I learned much from her. Then there was another day when I was walking along and a woman stopped to tell me she had bought my book, and I signed it. As we spoke, I asked her about her conference. It was her first. And it was a bit overwhelming for her and she was feeling very small and insignificant. A very common occurrence at a big conference. But she told me how God had taken her to the end of Haggai and a verse that says, “You are chosen.” What a powerful statement, which triggered in me to share with the devotional I had shared the day before about feeling like a grasshopper, just like the Israelites who spied on Canaan, but that we are really ‘Chosen Soldiers.’ I love encounters where I am so aware of God’s hand in the introduction. Have you had one recently? If so, please share.

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