Librarians, Readers, and writers…oh my!

This weekend was great fun but very busy. It started with a banquet for the Texas Southwest Baptist Church Library Convention. What a great group! I spoke to them about ‘Author Takes a Back Seat,’ about how God pried my fingers off the steering wheel of my life so He could be in control, not me. It was also really important for me to communicate with them that a ministry is not made up of one person. First and foremost, God is in control. Besides my fabulous family who is so supportive and helpful in my writing, it takes a fabulous agent and editor encouraging and speaking the truth about my work. It takes a great group of friends and prayer partners. It also takes booksellers and librarians who place books in the hands of readers. Their job is so important and vital to writers and readers alike!

Then Saturday morning, I spoke to them about the ‘Yellow Brick Road to Publication’ utilizing the hero’s journey to not only plot a book but to view the road to publication for a writer. Have you had a ‘call to adventure?’ That might be a call to become a writer, a doctor, a missionary or a homeschooling mom. Did you refuse that call? It’s easy to do so because so often we have doubts and fears. What about a mentor? Do you know someone who’s traveled that road ahead of you and can offer advice for navigating the rocky places? There’s so much wisdom and truths in myths that speaks to us in stories and translates into our own lives.

Legacy Books in Plano held a signing authors involved in the Buns and Roses Readers’ Tea, including NY Times Best selling author, Julia Quinn. My daughter played Dorothy in her sparkly ruby slippers and handed out bookmarks for me.
Then it was time for a little family time as we watched my son win three medals in a fencing tournament. Such fun!

Sunday after church, I took part in the Buns and Roses Readers’ Tea in Richardson, TX which raises money for the Richardson Library’s literacy program. It was wonderful to witness the generosity of so many to help others learn to read.

All in all, despite being such a busy weekend, it was all great fun spending time with librarians, readers and writers. Book lovers all!

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