Frequently Asked Question #6

How long does it take you to write a book?

Forever. Or that’s how it feels. When I wrote category romance, I wrote much faster. Women’s fiction requires more layers, more themes and motifs, and more complex plots. It takes much longer. I’m also busier with homeschooling two kids. No two books are alike, so some take even longer than forever. Or so it seems. Honestly, it takes what it takes. I usually aim for 9 months to a year. First, I’m slow because of kid activities that I’m not willing to miss. Second, it just takes time. To some writers time seems like an enemy but it’s really your friend. Give your book time to marinate, to dig deep into your characters. You will not regret it. The most amount of time I spend is on revising.

2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Question #6

  1. CandaceCalvert

    Amen! I applaud your priorities–family first, and your beautifully stated objective of giving a manuscript time to “marinate.” Agree, wholeheartedly. But (curious minds want to know) how do you do this regarding your contract. Doesn’t it say the book is due on such-and-such specific date?

    IMO, take all the time you want–your books are terrific because of it! 🙂

  2. Leanna

    Thanks so much, Candace! Since I’ve been writing so long, I know about what it takes and I stretch it as far as I can. So I do try to space mine about every 9 months or even longer. Even though part of me thinks, “Write faster!” And I will tell you that sometimes life happens, but God is sovereign. Last spring I was finishing up Once in a Blue Moon, and my dad was sick in the hospital. I spent hours in the car driving kids around and going to the hospital and couldn’t write at the hospital. Weeks went by without much work done. But amazingly, and this is a testament to God, I turned that book in a week early. The week after that my father passed away. So God’s in charge of it. Always.


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