Final Exposure

FOUR STARS RT Book Reviews Magazine.
Safety. Serenity. That’s what Jack Matthews wants, and what he seeks
in Lost Falls, Montana. A quiet retreat is just what Jack and his
orphaned nephew, Max, need—especially with gentle, beautiful Erin Cole
as their host. But when sirens in the night leave Max screaming,
Jack’s faced with the harsh truth. They’re not safe—not him, not Max
and especially not Erin. What is she hiding? What does the shadowy
figure stalking her want? And how much will Jack have to risk to keep
her safe?

Something new for Roxanne is her blog: ”All Creatures Great and Small Place.”

The name came from the lyrics of “All Things Bright and Beautiful,”
a Cecil Alexander hymn written in 1848. If you love animals, this is
the place to visit–where authors and writers can share stories (both
poignant and fun) about their pets. I live on an acreage in Iowa and
have horses, dogs, cats, and welcome strays too often!

You’ll also find periodic additions to “The Old Horse Trader
Tales”–true stories about the adventures (and misadventures!) of a
horse trader during the 1930’s -1980’s. I wrote them as feature
articles for a magazine about fifteen years ago, and look forward to
sharing all of the nostalgic stories about this charming old man.

I’ll also occasionally be featuring some cool new releases by my
favorite authors on this blog, too…so take a look!

When you finish there, please also check out where I have a variety of other blogs
running, and some fun contests now and then. Come over for a visit!

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