Between-the-layers Surprise Cake

Heres a recipe from my e-newsletter reader. Jane won my contest this month!

This is a cake my daughter created for one of her birthdays. She asked for it and told me exactly what she wanted.
I usually use a German Chocolate cake mix because that is what she likes but you can use the cake mix you desire.
1 cake mix, type you desire
1 can of cherry pie filling
Container of Cool Whip

Make the cake mix according to directions on package – making two layer cake.
In between first and second layer, spread some Cool Whip and add some cherry pie filling.
Ice cake with the rest of the Cool Whip. Put some cherries around sides and on top of cake.

The Cool Whip locks in the moisture and this cake is delicious. So much more so than with icing.

Jane Squires

P. S. My daughter sometimes even uses frozen strawberries instead of the cherry pie filling.

Sounds great, Jane! Thanks so much for sharing with us. And congrats on winning the contest this month!

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