Michael Jackson Take a Back Seat!

Doesn’t quite have the ring that ‘Elvis Takes a Back Seat’ had, does it? Is anyone else out there tired of the MJ coverage? To me, it is so overblown. I’ve enjoyed dancing to a MJ tune occasionally but I’m not sure he was of the calibre of Elvis. Here’s one difference with MJ and Elvis. Elvis was known by one name. Also, Elvis did not like the name ‘King of Rock ‘n Roll.’ Michael Jackson named himself ‘King of Pop.’ To me, none of MJ’s songs had much depth. But that’s probably just me. It’s very weird watching the coverage of fans in deep mourning. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because I just lost my father. Maybe it’s because the mourning for MJ is over the top and tipping into idol worship. Which is what I wrote my book, Elvis Takes a Back Seat, about. We were at church the weekend after MJ died and there was a little girl in my kids’ class and during worship she yelled out, “I love you, Michael Jackson.” That’s just weird. We were not at the Holy Temple of Michael Jackson. Puh-lease! MJ was a man. Period. And a very sad one with a lot of problems. Anyone who is taking that much drugs is not a happy person but a deeply disturbed individual. Very sad to me. So maybe I should have a heroine find a bust of MJ and take it to Neverland. Hmmm… no, I think not.

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