My Brain is Full

You know that feeling right after the Thanksgiving meal where you feel your belly might explode? Well, I’ve got that same feeling in my brain at the moment. Back in the ol’ computer days, before gigabytes, if your computer bank filled up then your computer slowed WAY down. And that’s how mine is functioning at the moment. I think I need a serious long winter’s nap. Unfortunately my hubby kept me up way too late last night watching episodes of LOST. But that’s another story.

I’m finishing up a draft of a book, and trying to hold all the pieces in my head (which usually is a difficult enough task for me) but then I’m also juggling all my lists and checking them twice for Christmas presents. I hadn’t really shopped much until yesterday and that freed up a little memory in my poor brain cells.

Now if that puppy of mine will just let me sleep late one morning ….

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