Calling all Puppy Lovers!

She looks cute, right? This is Hilo chewing on my Grinch houseshoe. Exasperating day yesterday with our puppy. She turns 12 weeks tomorrow. She doesn’t seem to care at all where she goes potty. When I praise her outside, she just looks at me with this blank look. Yesterday, she was chewing like a pihrana. And she chews hard! She even chews my rose bushes … with the thorns! If she didn’t look so adorable, she’d be in serious trouble. Any ideas out there on the chewing thing? I scold her, growl at her, shove acceptable chew toys in her mouth. She’s really beating up my lab who won’t tell her no. And any ideas on the housebreaking? It’s been a while since I’ve had a puppy, so how long does it take???

One thought on “Calling all Puppy Lovers!

  1. Talkin' Texan

    Your puppy is cute. I can’t tell by the picture what her breed is. You might do some research through AKC if you have not already. Some breeds are next to impossible to housebreak. I know it takes a lot of time, and effort, but try confining her to a small space and taking her outside every 30 minutes whether you think she needs to go or not. A dog seldom wants to mess up their den, so by confining her, she starts to understand the difference between “her den” and outdoors. (That will also limit her chew marks to woodwork and furnishing in just one room.) Once she has stopped having accidents in her limited space and shows a desire to go outside to do her job, you can start increasing her freedoms about the house, but make a habbit of confining her when you are not able to keep an eye on her. Training our dogs to love the security of a crate was the best thing we ever did–for them and for us.
    You can find products at a good pet store to place on or around things you do not want her to chew on. Take her to Petsmart and enjoy the shopping experience! She might even find a toy she likes!!! Good luck! 😉


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