Is Dr. Phil available?

I am in need of a pet psychologist. Anybody out there a cat expert? Our mama cat died earlier this summer and her daughter, Miracle (5 years old) is NOT behaving properly. Quick back story … when my little lead dog died almost 3 years ago, my lab and llasa were lost. My lab was losing hair. Our three-legged, brain damaged cat finally (after 3 months) stepped up to the plate and became our lead dog. I’m not kidding! Well, now that Hershey has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, her daughter is acting up. When Miracle gets irritated (especially if we pick her up — she’s never been super friendly), then she attacks our llasa. Our sweet Belle! So innocent! The cat pounces on her (Miracle weighs 6 lbs and Belle weighs about 25), slaps at her (no claws). Belle just trembles. It is the saddest thing. What do I do? How do you discipline a cat?

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