Fire and Ice

There wasn’t actually a fire. Whew! And that’s pretty amazing considering I was cooking. I have started fires when I cook. I’m also pretty good at cutting myself when I slice veggies — think parody of Julia Childs on Saturday Night Live with blood spurting everywhere. Last night I was making a nice dinner for my hubby’s birthday! I went to Central Market and bought HUGE rib-eye steaks, potatoes (white and sweet), asparagus, green beans, bread, bacon to top the salad and of course one of their beautiful chocolate cakes. Since the steaks were so expensive, I made my hubby cook them so they would turn out perfect. And they did. He’s a fabulous cook. But I did something I’ve done before — I grabbed the pan after he took it out of the broiler. Yep, broiled my palm. Ouch!

The funny thing is, I’ve done that before. One time we were cooking together, and my hubby grabbed the pan himself. He hollered out. I got him some frozen peas to put on his hand and aloe vera and then proceeded to grab the same pan with my own hand. LOL!

So today my palm is sore and very red. But thanks to frozen broccoli and an aloe vera plant I have growing in my kitchen window, it’s not as bad as it could be.

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