American Idol Gives Back

Did anyone see the show last night? My kids watched and wanted to contribute. “Can we call? Can we call?” So my hubby said, “How much do you want to give?” They cleaned out their piggy banks (which don’t really look like piggies). They put all their money into baggies and brought it to us. They’d been saving for our trip to Disney, but they wanted to give it all so we let them. I love that they wanted to help other children that they saw on the show last night.

The last song that the 8 Idol contestants sang was a Christian song called ‘Shout to the Lord.’ It’s one of my favorites. We sing it in church often. A few christians I know didn’t like that the contestants sang that song. But I personally loved it. I thought of all the homes that song was going into all around the world. I thought of those 8 young people who are starting their new careers. Many of them will have a wide audience. What if those lyrics burrow into their minds and hearts? How cool would that be?

Tonight one of the 8 contestants will be going home. It’s going to be sad to see whoever go at this stage. I think everyone up there is talented.

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