Ketchup and books

Did that title catch your attention? LOL! I really meant, catching up. I haven’t been as diligent lately on my blog because I’ve been working on my current WIP (work in progress). Also, my son has a history project due this week. So I’ve been busy with school stuff.

This weekend, a friend invited me to a women’s conference and the speaker was Jen Hatmaker. She was both enjoyable, funny and thought provoking. It was an enjoyable day. I bought one of her books and look forward to reading it soon. She has several bible studies out, so check ’em out.

What am I reading right now? Lolly Winston’s Happiness Sold Separately. It deals with some difficult subjects like infertility and infidelity. I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen but hopefully I’ll finish today. This is my first book to read by Ms. Winston and I like her writing. So what are you reading?

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