Pricetag of a thousand words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos/dvds are priceless. Last night, we pulled out some family dvds of my children when they were small. My son as a toddler played hide and seek with my niece by covering his head with a pillow, his bottom sticking up in the air. My daughter as a toddler saying, “Uppie, pease.” Such sweet memories. I miss those simpler days. I miss our bounding white lab puppy as she hopped across the yard because her legs were so short. She’s full grown now and lazy. I miss the kitten days, when our kitten chewed on my fingers and chased her mother’s tail.

Not that I don’t enjoy today. I do. I like being able to have conversations with my kids. I like that they’re more self-sufficient, potty trained, believers, reading books on their own. But sometimes I just miss those simple, uncomplicated days, when we could loll in bed singing songs and cuddling together.

Yesterday, I got up early as I usually do to work, about 7:30, my son came into my office with his hair mussed, sleepy-eyed. He looked as I felt. So I left the computer and went and cuddled with him. Together, we slept until 9:30. We both needed the rest. We’ve been going, going, going.

Last night, watching those videos, I asked myself if I enjoyed my children when they were little. And I did. Some days were exhausting. Some days I wanted to pull my hair out. Somedays were slow and never ending. But I enjoyed them. I still do. They are a precious gift from God.

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