One of the joys of going to Kansas City this past weekend was seeing my husband’s grandmother. She is 94 and is so precious. I still remember her coming to see us when our son was born. While she held my newborn, cradling him in her arms, she told me how she’d taken care of her husband who had Alzheimers for several years. Almost the week he died, her daughter took to her bed with bone cancer. What an amazing woman.

When she learned she too had Alzheimers, she was angry at herself. Not God. Nobody knew better the difficulties she faced in the coming months and years. But her faith never wavered. She is a lesson in faith, courage and endurance. Do you have someone in your life who is a walking testimony?

3 thoughts on “Grandmas

  1. Carol

    She sounds like a wonderful woman! It’s a shame this had to happen to her. I’m sure that since she already knows what it’s like that she hates what her family will have to deal with in the future. Life can be hard. It’s good that she hasn’t lost her faith.

  2. Leanna

    Carol, Hard things do happen in life. Faith gets us through those times, doesn’t it? You know what she kept saying to me this past weekend? “I’ve had a good life.”

    Renee, I’ve lost many relatives to breast cancer and also had many survive breast cancer in my family. I know how hard it is to watch one suffer from that. God’s grace can sustain us though.


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