On the turntable

Does anyone have a turntable anymore? My mother does. I only have cd players now. Every morning while I’m fixing breakfast, I put on some music. It helps me to get moving almost more than the coffee. Often in the summer, I turn on Christmas music. It somehow cools me off, makes me hopeful that the 100 degree days will end soon. But it hasn’t been that hot this summer. I can’t believe we’re almost all the way through June and it’s still in the low 90s. We’ve had so much rain, which we’re so grateful for! Anyway, not to get off on the weather, lately I’ve been listening to Casting Crowns, Michael Buble and U2. What are y’all listening to these days?

4 thoughts on “On the turntable

  1. Leanna

    Renee, I love Switchfoot and U2!

    Sandy, I’ve heard Mists of Avalon, very cool. Haven’t seen the movie or read the book though.

    I’m listening to Celine Dion tonight while I’m working. Haven’t listened to her in a long time. But I love her Miracles album.


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