A Merry Heart

Recently I was in Nashville and was given a tour of Lifeway. It’s an amazing complex. And Lifeway has done so much in helping teach about Jesus. Many of the original pieces of art were on the walls and I recognized the pictures my mother used when I helped her in her Sunday School room. It wasn’t until someone sent me this pencil drawing of Jesus smiling that I realized what a serious Jesus all the other pictures portray. Of course they are all just figments of the artists’ imagination. No one knows really what Jesus looked like. But seeing this smiling one gave me a new glimpse. There’s a glimpse of a carefree, playful Jesus in the movie Passion of the Christ. It makes him more human and yet more godlike at the same time. What do you think of this smiling Jesus?

2 thoughts on “A Merry Heart

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve always heard your idea of God is based on your dad. My dad was happy and carefree. Love this picture!



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