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Writer Up! for NaNoWriMo

So you’re a writer. Do you know what NaNoWriMo means? Is it some weird code word? The secret to publishing? Not exactly. But it can be useful.

It’s National Novel Writing Month when thousands of authors are attempting, no scratch that, WRITING a novel in one month. I’m not really sure why November was chosen. I could probably Google that and find out but I’m being lazy. It doesn’t really matter. But as I always think when I wash my son’s fencing attire–which makes me wonder who on earth decided to make boys where all white?–I’m thinking a man decided November was a good time to write a novel. As in a man usually doesn’t have to make Thanksgiving dinner! But I digress…

The first day is almost over. My brain is tired. Did I write as much as I wanted? No. But I did write. And I wrote more than I usually do in one day. So it’s all good. A lot of authors writing this month are competing against others. I’m just trying to write my book. I’m not trying to set a record. I’m just trying to get words for my novel on the page. And if progress is made then I’m happy.

This is not my first year at this ‘rodeo’, and since I’ve ridden this particular rank bull before I thought I’d offer a tip for those of you jumping on the back of this bucking bronc. Before you shut off your computer for the night, jot ideas that you’re envisioning for the next scene. If a bit of dialogue is floating around your brain, then just put it down on the page. Don’t worry about spelling. Don’t add quotation marks. Or maybe you have an idea of the setting. Or maybe it’s only one word lingering in your brain as you stop for the day. Put the word down. Then shut off your computer. Stop working. Let your brain rest. Funny thing is, your brain will keep working. And tomorrow, when you pull up your document, you’ll have a smidgen of dialogue or description or a word to get you started. You may end up erasing that line or you may have figured out a different place to start that scene, that’s okay. You will have started writing. You will be moving forward. And that’s what this month is all about!

So whether you’ve been to this ‘rodeo’ before or not, saddle up and get writing!