And the winner is…

We took our sweet baby kitten to the vet today for its first shot and discovered it isn’t a girl it’s a boy! Yep a boy! We were suspicious over the weekend but we’re obviously not very good at this. They thought the momma cat was a boy and she turned out to be a girl…and pregnant…and delivered kittens on April Fool’s Day. So there you go!

We have named our sweet boy Sawyer, after the bad boy in the TV show LOST. He’s definitely a pretty boy and he likes to take things away from his sister. But he’s sweet and loves to purr. So the name fits.

And now for the winners! Since we chose a name that wasn’t suggested, I am drawing 5 winners! If you are one of the winners who entered my contest, please contact me via leanna (at) leannaellis (dot) com and give me your snail mail address and I’ll send you one of my books! Thanks to all of you for the wonderful suggestions!


Carrie Padgett
Angela from Kentucky

Congrats! And don’t forget to send me your information!



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