Tower Bridge and Cheese

The day we went to the Tower of London, we took a little side trip to follow one of our favorite travel guides, Samantha Brown, and find the ultimate cheese sandwich in Burrough Market. It wasn’t far from the Tower and we found it fairly easily. Noon, the popular local market was very crowded, and we had to que up for a sandwich, which is made with sourdough bread, leeks and onions. We had mixed reviews. My son and I really enjoyed the sandwich, which was VERY rich, but my husband and daughter didn’t so much. However, daughter doesn’t even like cheese so that was no surprise. We sat on the curb and enjoyed our sandwiches while a street performer played a song about Jesus.

After our quick lunch, my daughter kept seeing signs for The London Dungeon. She wanted to go so badly, so we did. Well, again, mixed reviews. My husband got claustrophobic in the mirror maze. It was crowded and dark. None of us particularly like to be scared. Still, my daughter enjoyed it.

From there, with lots of views of Tower Bridge, we made our way to the London Eye. I’ll post pictures about that excursion tomorrow!

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