Where in the world is Leanna Ellis?

Writer and friend Candace Calvert once upon a time was a nurse and she has implemented something new on her blog: asking authors to cover her shift. So, Candace asked me to blog for her today. Here’s the link: http://candacecalvert.blogspot.com/2011/02/author-leanna-ellis-cover-my-shift-2.html

Hope you’ll check it out!

And in case you’re wondering where I’ve been…well, after I turned in my book last December I decided to take a much needed break. But the holidays weren’t quite as relaxing as I had hoped. The week before Christmas, my uncle died, and the week after my dog Belle died. So my break extended into January…and I’m embarrassed to say February too! I have been writing and working on revisions for FORSAKEN as well as working up a couple of proposals, and I am slowly getting back in the groove. So I hope to be blogging a bit more regularly.



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