Island Time

Aloha! I’m back from vacation but am still trying to get back in the groove. I think I like the laid back feel of the islands better than the rush-rush of my everyday world. I spent plenty of time on the beach, just lazing beneath the sun and reading up a storm. I thought I’d share a few pictures of the next few days of our trip. This is one view from our lanai. I love how the same view can have so many different looks. The last was taken early in the morning as the sun was rising. Another midday. And the first was taken just as a storm was blowing through. Storms in Kauai crop up every day but they don’t last long. And so it is with life, eh? Storms crop up but hopefully they don’t last long. But the storms are important because that rain makes the island so lush and beautiful. And the storms in our lives help us to grow strong. If you’re experiencing a storm in your life, I hope it blows over quickly. But mostly I hope you’re having a clear-blue day! Because we all need to enjoy those! Aloha!

4 thoughts on “Island Time

  1. Harriet

    Love the photos, Leanna. One of my other friends has recently been vacationing in Kauai, also. I know the island pace is so much slower than at home. My kids have been on Guam for many years, and when they come back stateside, they will have many major adjustments to make.
    I continue to love your insight into things. I’ve had enough storms, though. I’m already strong and beautiful enough… you think God will listen to me when I tell Him that????LOL!
    I’m glad you had this wonderful experience.


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