En Guarde!

I’m traveling this week and had to leave hubby home guarding all the animals. But the kids and I are in Atlanta for the US Fencing Nationals. This is a picture of my son fencing at a tournament earlier in the year. This is his 2nd Nationals, and it’s always very exciting. It reminds me a lot of going to writers conferences. You can feel the energy in the air when you’re surrounded by people who LOVE what they do. Today was an important day as we arrived in Atlanta and bought what equipment we needed and had my son’s equipment checked. This is a very important part of a tournament. The fencer’s helmet, lame and cords must all be checked and in working order. After all, they are jabbing at each other with metal. My son’s coach told me of a Russian fencer who died when his opponent’s blade snapped. The other fencer was at full tilt and couldn’t stop. His broken blade went straight through the Russian’s helmet. Serious stuff. Helmets are now made even stronger. And so they must be tested. They also have to have an underarm protector as well as a chest protector. There’s also their jacket and then the lame over that, along with a glove. When equipment doesn’t pass inspection, new equipment must be purchased. They stamp each piece of equipment to show it has been checked.

Fencing isn’t for sissies. It’s a tough sport. A couple of weeks ago my son came home from fencing camp. When he got out of the shower, I saw his bare chest. It was covered in bruises and scrapes, all from where the weapon had jabbed him above his chest protector. Quite often, he has bruises all over his legs from more jabs.

Watching my son fence has reminded me of what we as Christians should do each day…as we are not in a battle of flesh and blood. And we have equipment–breastplate, shield and sword… Have you checked your equipment lately? Is it ready? Are you armed? Stay on guard, because we are in a tough battle.



2 thoughts on “En Guarde!

  1. Harriet

    Love this description and insight, Leanna. I’ve been interested in learning to fence, but at 63, I don’t think I need all those bruises……especially with all the health problems I have. Thanks for enlightening me.
    We are in battle everyday, but it often seems as though we are losing. It is good to know that in the end, we will win with Him!

  2. Leanna Ellis

    Harriet, there’s a woman at our club that is 83 who fences! In fact, she fenced all summer while going through chemo. So it can be done.

    And remember, the outcome of this battle is already decided. Read Revelation. If you’re on God’s team, you win! YAY!


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