Recently I was headed out to a conference. I had all my little electronic devices in my backpack—cell phone, iPod, Kindle and laptop. Everything was charged and ready to go. But when I sat on the plane and pulled out my trusty little iPod, the screen was frozen and I couldn’t do anything with it. I ended up having to let the battery completely die and then recharge it. Of course that took the whole conference. I did however get to listen to music on the return flight. But then there was my wonderful little Kindle, which I tend to lose the charger on a regular basis. I charged it before leaving, didn’t use it on the flight, didn’t use it all week, then wanted to read something on the return flight and…well, you probably guessed it—dead battery. Then there was my poor cell phone that had lousy reception because we were in the middle of the Redwoods in California and when I would call home, my best friend or my agent, they could only hear about every third word. And last but not least, my wonderful Mac. Sometimes wifi worked and sometimes it didn’t. So, I do love my little electronic devices…until they don’t work. Maybe I’m a bit too dependent on them. What about you?

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