B&H Publishing is running a contest that you are going to want to enter! Check it out:

2 thoughts on “CONTEST!

  1. A Fire Fighter Wifey

    I found your blog through your friend Mary Ellis. She put in a great word on your new book and contest so I thought I would come on over here and check it all out! =) I see that you are in Texas- so are we. Although we haven’t been here for very long, but we plan on staying! I plan on reading the book as soon as I can get down to the book store to order it!
    Happy writing~

  2. Leanna Ellis

    Hi, Erica! I’m so delighted you stopped by! Mary is a sweetheart! I apologize for being a little slow in adding your comment but I’ve been at a writer’s conference and just got back tonight. Which means I’m also behind on my blog. I’ll be posting a new fun one tomorrow! And if you’re interested, be sure and join my e-newsletter which is located on the ‘home’ page of my website! Would love to have you a part of the gang. 😉




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