The Great Christmas Bowl

Football isn’t one of my favorite pasttimes but Susan May Warren is! Here’s her talking about her latest book:

Shoot…football season is over. I’m so sad….as we all know, I love Football…

So much so that I wrote a FOOTBALL STORY! Okay it’s not JUST about football. It’s about Christmas. And small town life. And church Christmas Teas. And family….and traditions. And the crazy things we do for each other. Basically my favorite things about the seaon!

Yes. I LOVE Christmas stories – and every year I read aloud to my kids (okay, my college kid MIGHT be too old), the Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever. And recently Dave Barry’s, The Shephard, the Angel and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog. (SOOO funny). I wanted to write my OWN Christmas Classic.

So, I did. Well, at least I HOPE it is a Christmas classic.

Warren’s tender holiday novella invokes both laughter and some sweet tears. The vivid portrayal of family connections and football fervor will bring the Christmas spirit to everyone. (Romantic Times)

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