Frequently Asked Questions

As an author, I have a few frequently asked questions, especially when I’m doing book signings. So I thought I’d share them here on Fridays with you. So the number one question I get asked is: Where’s the restroom?

Seriously, my kids ask where the restroom is a lot. Plus, book signings are not always glamorous. Once, I was asked where the geography section was. So, if you see some poor writer, sitting at a table in the middle of a bookstore, looking lonely, staring at her own book, eating the candy she brought, then stop by and say hello. You can always say, “What’s this?” If you don’t want to buy the book, just say, “Congratulations,” and move on. Writers get enough sitting alone time when staring at a computer screen. Sometimes we like real people, other than our characters, to talk to.

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