The Real Deal

Yesterday, my last day in DC, I zipped over to the National Museum of American History and saw the REAL ruby slippers! In my research about the slippers, I learned that those are not the only pair. There are a few in collector’s items. Back in the 1970s, an auction of movie memorabilia uncovered more ruby slippers in the storeroom. You see, they didn’t just make one pair of ruby slippers. More pairs were needed because Judy Garland would go through many during rehearsals and filming. One pair was used only for that shot of the heels clicking together. Also, an early prototype was made that resembled an Arabian style. The shoes at the Smithsonian looked darker than I expected. Many of the sequins had lost their shine. But it was still a thrill to see them!

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    Leanna, Congrats on your nomination. Looking forward to reading everything you’ve written. It was a joy to know you in High School and even greater to see you shine brighter now! Love, Ivy Ward O’Malley (Naples, FL)


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