I’m an idiot!

Or maybe I’m just sleep deprived. I’m supposed to have a phone interview this morn with a radio station in Minnesota. I looked at the official page a dozen times, even last night, and kept telling myself 8am. So this morning I had the kids sequestered with the dogs in one room and from an upstairs bedroom I called the radio station as I was supposed to do. I then realized they gave me the fax number. So then called the station. No one was there. Sigh. So I left a message. Then relooking at the page for the upteenth time saw 9am. 9! Not 8! So am waiting until I have to sequester everyone again.

Over the past couple of weeks, Hilo (puppy) has been getting me up about every four hours. Which is not too bad. But last night, Belle (our oldest dog) woke me at 2am wanting water and to go out. I had to wake the puppy up to go out at the same time. Then I hoped to sleep until 6am. Puppy had other plans. She woke me at 5:30. So maybe I’m just sleep deprived or not fully awake yet. I hope I wake up before the REAL interview begins. No telling what I might say if I’m half asleep.

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