A new exercise program!

I found a new program that keeps you up all night, keeps you from sitting long enough to eat, and keeps you moving, as in … take puppy out, bring puppy in, out, in … You get the picture. And yep, we have a cute little 6 week old labradoodle puppy. We named her Hilo, pronounced Hee-lo. She was so laid back when we first got her that she reminded us of Hawaii. One of our favorite places on the big island is Hilo. So she’s been busy keeping me up half the night and running after her in the day. But we’re slowly getting into a routine. Our other animals are slowly coming around and taking an interest in her. She likes to play ‘tag, you’re it,’ by touching her nose to our other dogs. Our lab, Liberty, did not appreciate being confused with Momma dog. When Hilo tried to latch onto her tummy … well, those little needle sharp teeth hurt!

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