Ketchup Days

When I was a kid, we were on vacation, driving to Colorado. I was wearing these cool white jeans. I was maybe ten. So I thought I was cool anyway. We stopped at a burger joint to eat. One of the things I loved about Colorado was that you could get A&W root beer. We couldn’t get it in Texas then. This was back in the dark ages. Anyhoo, the only way to eat French fries was with ketchup. The bottle on the table was pokey, so I slapped the bottom and … you can guess what happened right? All over my white jeans.

Well, some days are like that. Yesterday was that way for me. I won’t bother to give you the laundry list of things that went wrong but what I told my kids is this: it doesn’t matter what happens in life because as Christians, we always have hope. Always. And my hope is that today will be ketchup free!

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