Yep, I have it. Puppy fever. I’m not sure what happened or how I caught it but it hit me hard this weekend. I haven’t even been around a puppy. Could I have caught it on the plane last week? My mother thinks I’m beyond a cure. After all, we have a lab, a llasa and a persnickety cat. Maybe it’s that I lost my dog Muffet almost three years ago and our cat Hershey this summer. I guess I like living in a barnyard environment. We’re trying to figure out the right kind of puppy to adopt. We do want a puppy, as we think that would be the best way to introduce a new animal to the ones we already have. We’d like a dog big enough to play with our lab. The only thing holding us back from getting another lab (because we adore ours!) is that they just shed so much. I already vaccuum up a whole dog each week. Anyway, any suggestions out there?

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