Olympic fatigue

We’re in the middle of week two of the Olympics. NBC, Please show gymnastics before midnight! It is so irritating when you know a medal has already been given out for … oh let’s say, balance beam. You know who won! And NBC refuses to put the competition on until after ten o’clock. Wake up, NBC! It’s little girls who want to see the women’s gymnastics! And ten o’clock is past their bedtime! So frustrating.

Okay, okay, I know. I need to take deep breaths. But the problem is — I have a cold. Can’t breathe deeply. Can’t breathe at all. I woke up the other morning about 3am with a sore throat. I laid there thinking, ‘Is this strep throat? Please, God, don’t let this be strep throat. Let it be a cold.’ Why didn’t I ask for allergies? Why didn’t I pray for healing? Well, I got what I prayed for — a cold. And I’m very grateful it’s not strep. But I’m apparently cranky about everything else.

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