Happy Mother’s Day

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a long while. I’ve been in heavy revision mode, rewriting a story. I’m almost finished with it and am feeling a lot better about it. It’s been one of the hardest books I’ve ever written. Anyway, I was able to get out of the house last night and go see a movie with the kids. We saw Speed Racer. Hmmm. I suppose if I was 9 I would have enjoyed it. I wasn’t a big Speed Racer fan of the tv show, and I’m not really into cars. So not really my thing. But my kids enjoyed it.

Today, I went to a church for a mother/daughter tea. Their book club had chosen Elvis Takes a Back Seat as their book of the month in April and then asked me to speak at this special tea. It was quite an honor and I had a lovely time. What a wonderful, welcoming group of women. One woman came up to me and told me how much my book had ministered to her. She had just been through a very difficult time and my book helped. It was a special moment, when all those hours of labor that a writer puts into her work pays off. It’s not the first time someone has shared something deeply personal with me and how my book moved them. It is such an honor when that happens. It makes me feel very blessed to have this job, to be able to write, to have the potential to touch people’s lives in ways only God can imagine, and then to hear back from them. It’s very humbling and moving for me.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Hope you are hugging your mom close. This will be the first time in years and years that I haven’t been with my own mom on Mother’s Day. But I’ll be able to see her Monday, so that makes me happy. Plus, she’s going on vacation with us later this month and I’m thrilled about that!

Wishing all you Mom’s out there a very blessed Mother’s Day. How you have touched your children’s lives is pretty spectacular. But also, how your children have touched your life is pretty amazing as well. So does anyone have any mom wisdom that their mother shared with them growing up? My mom liked to repeat the bible verse, “Be ye kind one to another…” I heard that a lot growing up. Hmmm, wonder why? 🙂



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  1. L.A. Mitchell

    I just wanted you to know I finished Elvis Takes a Backseat on my trip to the coast and loved it. It touched my heart in ways far beyond the Elvis thing we both seem to have. I gave my mother the copy you signed for mother’s day. I will always be a fan.

    Happy Mother’s day to you, too 🙂


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