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You might notice a few changes around these parts. First under books, there’s a new book page for my upcoming release Lookin’ Back, Texas with an audio interview you can listen to on that page. On my bio page, there’s the tv interview when I was on The Harvest Show.




2 thoughts on “Website Updates

  1. Katrina

    Hi Leanna,

    Just finished your book Elvis Takes a Backseat and loved it! You did an excellent job of weaving faith into the book.

    I am sorry I missed you speaking at the Panhandle Professional Writers meeting in Amarillo a while back. One of my critique partners was there and took notes which she photocopied for me.

    Is there a particular Christian writers conference that you think is better than the others?

    Good luck to you. I’m looking forward to you next book.


  2. Leanna

    Hi, Katrina! Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. There are others that are probably as good, ACFW just happens to be the first I became associated with and joined. ACFW will be holding its conference in September in Minneapolis. I’m also a member of RWA’s Faith, Hope and Love chapter. They hold a mini conference in conjunction with the RWA conference (this year in San Francisco).




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