The Tarnished Compass

Yep, I saw it. The Golden Compass. Controversy is so interesting to me. Since there was so much surrounding this movie, I thought I’d check it out. While my kids were safely at school, I went to the movie theater. Not sure why everyone is up in arms about this movie, because I believe it will limp off into movie oblivian. It was a clunker. The story world and story question were never really established. It was a bit confusing. I frankly nodded off a couple of times. I didn’t care about the characters. Seeing Daniel Craig in all of the movie trailers, I expected him to be a main character but he was rarely seen. Which I will admit was ashame. I do love polar bears but that part wasn’t particularly interesting either. First, here’s a question that was never answered: why give a compass to a child (a precocious and disobedient child at that) who is going off with Mrs. Coulter? Especially when you don’t want Mrs. Coulter to get the compass? Didn’t make sense to me.

All this hoopla over the movie has reminded me of the DaVinci Code. I read the book, eagerly anticipated the movie which was a huge disappointment.

I really wish Christians wouldn’t jump aboard the bandwagon of shouting alarms until they see a movie or read a book. A case could be made for both movies that they are anti-Catholic church. What’s wrong with that? Now to a Catholic, I understand that could be heresy. But hopefully most of us here have a relationship with Jesus not blind loyalty to a church. Frankly, the Catholic church has done some horrid things. Frankly, a lot of Christians have done horrid things. They’re human. But the church does not equate with God. If Christians and the ‘church’ welcomed questions, hard questions, and were honest about failures then maybe we could shine the light on the flawed doctrines of some of these stories. But instead, the ‘church’ reacts in fear. How many times in the bible are we told not to be afraid? A lot! We have nothing to fear, the outcome is certain. We know the victor.

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  1. Amy

    Thanks for your input. That is exactly what I tell my children-you can have an opinion but do not judge something until you try it. thanks for the info on the movie!!!


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