I taught reading because I love books. That love eventually led me to write books. It also led me to be almost fanatical in teaching my own children to read. What a priviledge that was! But the knowledge that so many people in this country can’t read is painful to me. Not only do people who can’t read have a difficult time taking driving tests, reading ‘out of order’ signs on bathroom doors and filling out job applications, but they also can’t enjoy the pleasure of reading a great book.

For that reason I participated this past weekend in a literacy tea in Richardson, Texas. Authors and readers came together to celebrate books and raise money for literacy. It was a smashing success with a fabulous booksigning with so many talented authors. Of course my book isn’t out yet so I gave away many of my sample chapters that my publisher printed. I was asked to host a table of nine readers who were so enjoyable. Vickie Lewis Thompson was the keynote speaker. She read a moving letter she’d received from a woman who read one of her books. It was her first book to ever read.

In the next couple of days, I’ll post pictures from the event. If you know a child, read a book to them. If you know a friend who can’t read, encourage them to get help. Reading will change their lives.

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