Back from Birmingham

What a terrific time I had in Birmingham! I met many Books-A-Million store managers and signed many, many ARCs. I heard Jan Karon speak about her newest release which is Home to Holly Springs. She was warm, funny and gracious. Also speaking was Vince Poscente on his NY Times best seller The Age of Speed. He was a dynamic speaker and former Olympic athlete with an amazing story. I met a few fellow writers too, like Tosca Lee (her first novel is Demon, a Memoir), Robert Liparulo (his latest is Deadfall), Denise Hildreth (The Will of Wisteria) and Linda Nichols (In Search of Eden).

Sitting at the airport in Dallas, I saw a writing friend I’ve known a long time — Geralyn Dawson. We ended up on the same flight, sitting across the aisle from each other. We enjoyed a nice lunch together in Birmingham talking about the book biz. Then we were on the same flight back. It’s always nice to see a friendly, familiar face in a see of tired travelers.

B&H hired a media escort for me. Miss Ruth was fabulous! She reminded me of my Aunt Dorothy but with a very southern accent. I tell you what, I am totally spoiled now. I am also having a hard time getting rid of this acquired southern accent I seemed to have picked up while sipping sweet tea.

Can you believe that I forgot to take my camera? I did. So no pictures. I have to start remembering that!

Thank you Books-A-Million for having me!

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