Elvis has been stolen!

The highly regarded, priceless Elvis bust has been stolen! It has been sitting on Julie Gwinn’s desk in the marketing department of B&H Publishers as she has been working on publicity for my book, Elvis Takes a Back Seat. What inspiration! Can you imagine having Elvis watch over you daily? How wonderful would that be! How inspirational! But, and here is the tragedy, Julie walked into her office and Elvis had left not only her office but the building! What will Julie do? How will she go on?

In Elvis’ place of honor was this note:

“Well, I left my home in Norfolk, Virginia, California on my mind…”

Just like the song said, I’ve been dreaming of the Promised Land. I’ve decided to get out there in the Music City…Get back to my roots with the other Hound Dogs.

Don’t take it personal that I left. I may be back soon, after I see the world a bit, but for now…it’s Viva Las Vegas!

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

The King

This is quite serious! Who would be so cruel as to steal Elvis? Shame, shame, shame! If you spot Elvis in your city, please let us know so we can get Elvis safely back where he belongs and catch the evil culprits! Julie is devastated. She is right now Crying in the Chapel. Please help her…and consequently my book by finding Elvis! Let everyone you know … know! Spread the word. We must FIND ELVIS!

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