Allergies and colds have shut us down at my house for a couple of days. It always hits my son the worst, as it kicks up his asthma. I’ve had a cold but am so much better now. Some cold meds I took last night knocked me out. Actually felt good to sleep so hard and so long.

This weekend we’re celebrating my daughter’s birthday! She turns 8 tomorrow! Can’t believe it. She is such a little lady, so mature for her age. It is so much fun to have real conversations with her but it’s also fun (as I mentioned earlier) to rock out with her.

I’m getting ready to go to the ACFW conference next week. It’s made me think about what all God has done in my life during the last year. Amazing stuff. But also to think through my writing career. I think next week, I’ll blog about my writing and where God has taken my writing. So hope you’ll come back for that.

In the mean time, check out this Youtube spot. It is hysterical. (Thanks, Natasha, for sending it to me!) If you’re a writer, do NOT drink anything while viewing. You don’t want to spew coffee, Rock Star or whatever all over your computer and zap it.

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