Meet Liberty

This is Liberty. She is a yellow/white lab, a lazy yellow lab. Very mellow. When she was a puppy, she would insist on going to bed at 8:30 in the evening, just exhausted. She does not fetch. She can’t swim. So she’s pretty much an embarrassment. But we love her. She is incredibly submissive. When our Shih tzu died a year and a half ago, Liberty started losing tufts of hair for several months. She generates a lot of hair so at least she wasn’t bald. But she was very stressed over the loss of our lead dog. I’ll show you who stepped up to the plate in a couple of days.

Liberty is the sweetest. Very obedient. A great dog. She actually thinks she’s a ‘lap’ dog, not a lab. She is very jealous. If I’m petting another animal, she has to nose her way in to get attention.

We named her Liberty because we got her the November after 9/11. When she was six months, we had her ‘fixed.’ The vet botched the job. We almost lost her. The emergency animal hospital near us saved her life by doing emergency surgery late one Saturday night. They took pictures because the vet had done such a poor job. There were remnants of uterine left, hair in the sutures, one suture had a baseball size infection, and her intestine had been perforated. When they removed the infection, her bowel turned black. They told us she might die. But she pulled through. And we are so grateful to the vet who saved her. She is truly the best dog.

Liberty was not cooperating when I took this picture. She kept wanting to lie down and roll over for me to scratch her belly. I’ll have to try for a better picture.

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