Weird and Wacky

One of the weird and wacky, but fun and fabulous, things about my trip to Nashville was the Elvis impersonator. Oh, excuse me! I believe they like to be called tribute artists. The associate publisher of B&H Publishing took off his publishing hat and donned Elvis’ pompadour! He did a FANTASTIC job! It was so much fun. You know, they say in show biz never to follow a child or a dog act. Well, I think they should add, never follow an Elvis tribute artist either. Thanks, Ricky, for that Rock-a-hula Baby performance!

A little bit of housekeeping now… I’ve had some folks email with problems commenting. So here’s how you do it. When you click on ‘comments’ below each day’s blog, if you don’t have a google or blogger account then click on ‘anonymous.’ Type your comment (and name!), then you’ll have to type in the squiggly letters which keeps spammers at bay. Then click ‘publish comment.’ It’s that simple. If you do it that way, then please type your name at the end of your comment so we know who you are. Otherwise, you can go to and set up a free account. Then you’ll have a ‘name’ and a ‘password.’ Because I monitor the comments, your comment won’t show up immediately. When it hits my inbox, then I’ll okay it. If you have any trouble or any more questions, just email me.

It’s raining and pouring here, so I’m thinking we need to start building an ark. Has anyone seen Evan Almighty? We saw it this past weekend with the kiddoes. It was a lot of fun! Good family fun! Seen any other good movies lately?

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